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## Description In Quebec, the Polar Bear’s Club Nordic spa is one of the pioneers in the use of thermotherapy, a Scandinavian form of relaxation in which the body is exposed to the intense heat of a sauna, followed by a plunge into clear, cool water. The Polar Bear’s Club spa, with its different saunas, its Nordic river bathing, hot tubs and numerous relaxation areas, is without a doubt the ideal place to discover the virtues of this experience. ## Included - 1 spa access at regular price (49,95$) and one spa access 50% off - both accesses must be used in the same day.
  • A 24 hour delay is required before gift certificates can be used
  • We do not take reservations for access to the baths
  • Questions? Call us now at : (450) 227-4616 or toll-free at 1 877 240-4616

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