Therapeutic massage 60 minutes and spa access

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Therapeutic massage is specifically designed to target muscle soreness and tension. In order to soothe painful areas and meet individual needs, various techniques are used in this type of massage, such as joint mobilizations, percussions, and stretches. A great way to let go! ## Terms and Conditions - We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before your appointment for check-in. - **A credit card number will be asked for at the time of booking, but payment will be made upon your arrival, with the payment method of your choice**. It is possible to change or cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before the scheduled date, otherwise, the total amount will be charged to your credit card. - No promotions or discounts are applicable to massage or treatment bookings. The only approved payment methods are Visa and Mastercard. If you have a gift card, please contact us at [(450) 227-4616](tel:4502274616) to make a reservation.
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