Sixty minutes swedish massage

140,00 $


Bathrobe rental
Two towels rental
Lock rental
Open from Thursday to Monday from 10am to 9pm
## Description Probably the most famous massage of all, Swedish massage works not only on the muscles, but also on the joints, the respiratory system, the nervous system, the blood circulation and the lymphatic system. This treatment will give you incomparable relaxation. A real natural benefit! ## Included - 1 Swedish massage of 60 minutes - 1 access to the baths - 1 towel rental - 1 bathrobe rental - 1 padlock
  • To make an appointment, please communicate with us by phone at (450) 227-4616.
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  • Ticket valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. After the expiration date, it retains its monetary value.
  • Questions? Call us now at : (450) 227-4616 or toll-free at 1 877 240-4616

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